These athletes will take care of your skin

Mission Product touts itself as "the first athlete-engineered skincare line." I’m inclined to believe it. The release claims that “some of the world’s most accomplished athletes” are involved in product innovation and development. I figured David Beckham wasn’t among them (though he’s been showing some skin lately), and I was right. However, Olympic gold medalists Amanda Beard (swimming) and Mia Hamm (soccer), both of whom seem to have good skin, are involved. So is NBA star Steve Nash (his skin, on Mission’s site, looks airbrushed to me). Mission claims to donate a portion of profits to each of the athletes’ charities. They probably thought that would inoculate them from ridicule on ad blogs. They were wrong. Oh, if Alonzo Mourning’s reading this, call me. I need advice on how to get rid of some unsightly blemishes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio