These Agency Creatives Found a Way to Turn Trump’s Words Into Messages of Love

'Trump With Love' launches in time for Valentine's Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we can all bask in President Trump’s love.

Yes, love.

For those who believe he spews only hate, the Trump With Love site may be a pleasant surprise. It lets users create and share video messages using our imperious leader’s own voice and image—using nifty editing to rearrange his words into unexpected pleasantries.

Here’s an example:

Instead of going low on that last note, he goes high. Groovy!

“His words seemed to bring the worst out in a lot of people,” says 180LA executive creative director Eduardo Rafael, who worked on Trump With Love as a side project along with staffers from his agency and other firms. “We thought: What if they could do the opposite? What if the man we see shouting, pointing and scowling his words all the time was actually doing so to promote love and unity?”

Hey, it could happen.

Launched on Inauguration Day, the easy-to-use site houses 30 hours of footage from Trump speeches, debates and interviews, and so far it’s been used to create more than 3,100 clips.

“It was a painstaking process,” says 180 digital creative director Karan Dang. “We went and cut each word individually to make the library. Some words were easy to find like ‘tremendous’ and ‘China.’ Other words like ‘huge,’ believe it or not, were harder to find.”

Oh, the mindless, topical fun you will have.

For example, you can make the Donald profess his love for various individuals, groups and institutions:

Please, Mr. President, you’re too kind. Though we all know who really rules his heart:

Just don’t get overly negative or profane. Attempts at foul language generate warnings like, “Stop with the locker room talk.”

And just as love doesn’t really figure into El Presidente’s policy making, you needn’t use that specific word in your message:

Sends chills up and down our spine. Less than two weeks into the Trump era, and the nation’s consumed with stress. Might be better to send DJT packing—with love, of course, and in his own words (since he never really listens to anyone else):

“We didn’t want to create a tool for people to simply make fun of him. [Though] that’s going to happen anyway—it’s the Internet,” says 180 executive creative director Rafael Rizuto. “We really wanted to push people to use it to make him say something positive, or even just China 10 times in a row. That never gets old.”

You know, it really doesn’t.

Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner
Executive Creative Director: Eduardo Marques, Rafael Rizuto
Digital Creative Director: Karan Dang
Director of Art & Design: Chris Welsby
Digital Copywriter: Jason Deja
Digital Art Director: Fernando Lancas, Andres Schiling
Digital Designer: Matt Jensen
Creative Technologist: Jefferson Wu
Senior UX Designer: Stacey Savage
Digital Producer: Ryan Schmidt

@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.