These Ads for Wine in a Can Mock Hipsters, Snobs and Your Relationship

Open your nostrils and passionately inhale

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

If you've been drinking wine out of a bottle all this time—well, quite frankly, you're a sucker.

Some might tell you they prefer wine from a box, but everyone knows that all drinks taste better from a can. It's mostly psychological, but it's true. 

Anyway, Portland, Ore.-based Union Wine Co. and agency Story Manufacturing Co. have made some wine in a can that mocks wine culture itself. For $24, you can get a four-pack of this canned vino, which comes in two varieties—pinot noir and pinot gris.

Below are a few ads that feature some of the more fermented archetypes in aged-grape society: a sommelier, a hipster and a couple who would rather be drinking than talking. 

Someone send these to Kathie Lee and Hoda. They're the only palates anyone should trust. 


Client: Union Wine Co.

Agency: Story Manufacturing Co., Portland, Ore.

Creative Directors: Michael Etter, Mattias Segerholt

Art Director: Michael Etter

Copywriters: Austin Howe, Andrew Dickson

Director of Photography: Eric Edwards

Producer: David Cress

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.