These 16 Star-Studded Posters Make The Expendables 3 Seem Strangely Compelling

Who isn't in this movie?

The Expendables film series, helmed by Sylvester Stallone and cast to the verge of exploding with his fellow action stars, has never been all that approachable to casual fans who don't feel "in on the joke."

But this new poster series teasing the summer sequel, third in the franchise, is surprisingly charming and does a good job highlighting a roster of stars so bizarrely diverse, you almost feel compelled to see what they're doing in the same movie.

Kelsey Grammer? Mel Gibson? Harrison Ford? It's like if Robert Altman had decided to make a movie about biceps, shotguns and motorcycles. I might just have to see this one … or at least wait five minutes after it leaves theaters for it to show up on Netflix.

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