There’s Now an Awards Show Honoring the Best Animated GIFs

'A medium, social commentary and art form'

Proving yet again that there's no creative endeavor too specific to merit its own awards show, CP+B Los Angeles has launched the .GIFYs, honoring animated GIFs "as a medium, social commentary and art form."

Panelists from Buzzfeed, Gawker, Mashable and elsewhere picked finalists in 12 categories. Cats get their own bracket, separate from the otherwise all-inclusive Animals, which will make those feline freaks even more insufferably smug than they already are.

Other categories include News, Sports, Politics, WTF, GIF of the Year and Can't Look Away (actually, in most cases, I could—though not from that gal getting pelted by hot dogs). Vote for your favorites through month's end.

Unlike the seemingly endless Academy Awards ceremony, this ceremony is sure to be a brief one. You could screen the entire batch of nominees in just a few minutes. The whole show would be over in a .JIFFY!

In case you're curious, here are the nominees for GIF of the Year: