There is hope for Mac monkeys everywhere

Macmonkey Ever feel like a lowly Mac monkey, parked in front of the computer all day, executing mindless design tasks in Photoshop and Illustrator? Well, now you can interact with one of your own. British ad and design magazines Creative Review and Design Week have set up a live Webcam in front of “a junior specimen of the subspecies Mac monkey,” and invite you to chat with him. For a monkey, he is quite responsive—and probably sweating like a Mac pig under that costume. The idea is that the stunt will drive subscriptions, as Mac monkeys everywhere realize they need Creative Review and Design Week to break out of their monotonous simian lives. But so far, the monkey’s online tormenters are happy just to be insulting him and asking him over and over to drum like the Cadbury gorilla.

—Posted by Tim Nudd