Their McCain cover must really be a doozy

Newyorkerobama The New Yorker is drawing fire, and big-time media play, for this week’s cover, showing Barack Obama in Muslim headgear fist-bumping his wife Michelle in the Oval Office. The latter totes a gun and has a ’fro straight out of Coffy or Foxy Brown. Oh, an American flag burns in the fireplace and Osama bin Laden’s portrait hangs on the wall. The magazine says it was aiming for broad satire, but both the Obama and John McCain camps have complained. The latter probably envisioned himself making the cover, bedecked with medals, pushing the button to start World War III while making love to his wife Cindy (made up to look like Jill St. John in her swingin’-60s heyday). Maybe The Atlantic can do the honors.

—Posted by David Gianatasio