The Year’s Most Expertly Choreographed Ad Has a Delightful Ending That Explains Everything

A brilliant mathematical demo

Here’s a commercial that should undoubtedly charm the Film judges at Cannes. It’s a spot out of Japan by agency Mori Inc., featuring incredible mathematical choreography by Furitsukekagyo air:man.

Trying to figure out what’s going on is half the fun, so we won’t spoil who the advertiser is, or what they’re selling. But stick with it through the whole three minutes. The reveal at the end makes you suddenly understand what you’ve been watching—a delightful moment that’s rare in advertising.

The spot, which came out last year, won a silver at The One Show this spring.

Creative Agency: Mori Inc.
Production Campany: morimori
Client: Sansan Inc.

Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
Content Writer: Jun Nishida
Copywriter: Akihiro Terui
Art Director: Masanori Sakamoto

Director: Jun Tamukai
Choreographer: Furitsukekagyo air:man
Music: Satoshi Yoshitake
Cameraman: Makoto Okuguchi
Lighting: Hitoshi Otake
Grip: Takashi Taniguchi
DIT: Taito Oyama
Production Designer: Yoshihiro Narutaki
Stylist: Kozue Shigeo
Hair & Makeup: Masayoshi Okudaira
Sound Operator: Isao Yoshida
Online Editor: Shunsuke Kakuuchi
VFX Producer: Yoshifumi Sadahara
Colorist: Yasutaka Ishihara
Production Manager: Satoshi Miyata
Agency Producer: Misato Tachibana
Producer: Mitsuru Yamamori
Cast: The Whole Earth Catalog