The World According to Jacob Sartorius

The content creator is defining music on his own terms

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Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has served as a pivotal social platform for musicians to get their name out and for people to discover their next favorite song. It’s where musician and creator Jacob Sartorius made his name, but he’s used the platform for more than that.

Being vulnerable online about your struggles and telling your story is scary to most people, but for Sartorius, it’s practically normal.

He’s built a unique connection with his millions of fans around the world. From reaching RIAA gold status for his singles “Sweatshirt” and “Hit or Miss” to the sold out world tour in 2018, he is not slowing down anytime soon.

But Sartorius is also able to reach his audience on a deeper level by pulling back the curtain on his life and getting personal. With the release of his new song “Cowboys,” the 20-year-old musician is giving fans a pop-punk jam just in time for summer.

In this episode of Young Influentials, Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Sartorius to discuss how he started his career online, getting personal in his music and what’s next.

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