The Genius of Canal+’s ‘The Bear,’ One of the Most Flawless Ads Ever Made

Peter Nicholson on his 3 favorite ads, and his recent work at Periscope

This past October marked five years since the release of “The Bear,” the fantastic commercial for French TV network Canal+ by Paris agency BETC.

If somehow you’ve never seen it, we won’t spoil it—scroll down and watch the full spot below. Suffice it to say, as Periscope’s Peter Nicholson explains in the video above, “The Bear” is an almost perfect piece of advertising, combining wonderful storytelling and pitch-perfect humor with remarkable scale and special effects. The result is a very special spot that grabbed a slew of Lions at Cannes in 2012, including a Film Craft Grand Prix.

For our latest “Best Ads Ever” video, Nicholson chooses “The Bear” as one of his three favorite ads ever. Check out the video above to see his other two picks (and see all three full ads below), as well as some Periscope work that Nicholson has been proud of lately.

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