EIBWC Podcast: The Evolution of Creative Marketing With Benjamin Smith

A creative mastermind like no other

Leaders from Glossier, Shopify, Mastercard and more will take the stage at Brandweek to share what strategies set them apart and how they incorporate the most valued emerging trends. Register to join us this September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

In the 80s, we had superstar athletes, the 90s brought us supermodels, and actors and celebrities dominated the 2000s. But in this day and age, there’s a new breed of trailblazers – Creators.

Joining us today on the podcast is the ingenious Benjamin Smith, executive creative director of The Mayda Creative Co. With a track record of producing wildly successful marketing campaigns for bigwigs like Google, the NFL and Radiohead, Smith is a creative mastermind like no other.

Together, we’re delving into the world of creative strategy and production; and uncovering the secret sauce behind a killer campaign. We’ll also explore how culture has influenced casting and storytelling, how to connect with Gen Z in a meaningful and authentic way, and why perfection can spell paralysis.