The Builder From Clash of Clans Has Jumped Out of the Game and Built a Statue in Brooklyn

Giant likeness of P.E.K.K.A. doubles as a phone charger

Clash of Clans players finally have some answers about what happened to the Builder.

The character, who has been central to the 5-year-old mobile game, was the subject on a video posted online a week ago (it’s gotten 42 million views on YouTube alone) in which he appears fed up with people destroying his creations. He put a “For Sale” sign outside his destroyed home—and jetting off to … who knows where.

He’s gone missing from the game, too.

But now, the narrative has taken a leap forward—into the real world.

Early Friday, a massive statue appeared on Old Fulton Street in Brooklyn of P.E.K.K.A., another character from the game, with a note to New Yorkers from the Builder himself. Yes, it seems he has jumped out of the game and into the real world.

The statue (actually built by agency Barton F. Graf) is made of NYC supplies including traffic cones, a taxi hood and purple LED lights. The agency also built an 18-foot Tesla Tower that serves as a phone charger for people running out of battery.

Here’s the note left by the Builder:

“We’ve never had a hero leave the entertainment world—whether it was film, comic or gaming—and come to our world and make it better,” says Jeff Benjamin, executive creative director at Barton F. Graf. “Until now the Builder’s heroism has been contained to Clash of Clans—but what would a hero do in our own universe? What does it mean to be a hero here when all your life you’ve wanted to build and help? This is just the beginning of a global adventure that could only exist now because of platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook. They reframe what it means to be real, alive, and most of all matter.

It’s a fun stunt from Supercell and Barton F. Graf, which have a history of mixing media when it comes to promoting the narratives of its various games. And it fits nicely into advertising’s recent infatuation with statues popping up out of nowhere.

Client: Clash of Clans/Supercell

Agency: Barton F. Graf
Gerry Graf – Founder/CCO
Jeff Benjamin – ECD / Partner
Richard Langhorne – Copywriter
Zack Madrigal – Art Director
Matty Smith – Copywriter (on Builder Leaves Video)
Owen Weeks – Writer (Social)
Mike Divine – Art Director (Social)
Scott Minniear – Writer (Social)
Corey Thomas – Designer
Elena Woznick – Designer
Sara Kastner – Project Manager
Josh Morse – Head of Integrated Production
Cameron Farrell – Executive Producer
William Herrick – Associate Producer
Andra Gould – Associate Producer (Social)
Jennifer Pannent – Head of Business Affairs
Matt Slamowitz – Editor (Social)
Kate Faux – Group Account Director
Mike Andreozzi – Account Director
Sunchia Eckert – Account Supervisor
Amanda Perring – Strategy Director
Quinn Morrissey – Brand Strategist
Helene Dick – Social Strategist

Video Production Co: Psyop
Director: Trevor Conrad
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Executive Producer: Amanda Miller
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Andrew Sherman – Owner/CCO
Ian Jeffreys – Managing Director/EP
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Sound Design: Trinite
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