Thailand Does It Again With an Ad That Will Leave You Bawling Like This Baby

Grab some tissues and your phone charger

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We've all been there, as a father, family member or designated baby holder. Mom hands off her bundle of joy to you as she grabs four minutes of alone time in the Applebee's bathroom. Now it's you and Junior. Alone. And he just. Starts. BAWLING.

There's nothing like the sound of a weeping baby to whip you into a state of panic. And you want nothing more than to find Mommy. But if Mommy's gone, and you're in Thailand, you grab your DTAC cellphone in a frantic effort to distract the child with soothing technology.

Let's just say it doesn't quite work out as planned.

This new DTAC ad, from Y&R, is the latest in a spree of sob-fest spots from Thailand in recent years. (Man, they're good at this stuff.) The premise is debatable—show me a living human infant who is actually immune to cartoon penguins—but the sentiment is a sweet one, and parents with vague underlying guilt about the smartphone as babysitter will relate.

Plus, it's refreshing to see a tech ad where the gadget most certainly doesn't save the day. Not every tech marketer would be OK with that.

Check out the spot below. Spoiler: Dad doesn't eat the baby.

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@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.