Texas gun-store owner clarifies ad slogan

Jim Pruett owns a gun shop in Harris County, Texas, and is worried that the Second Amendment could be overturned any second now, allowing jackbooted thugs to arrest anyone in possession of a firearm. While we’re not belittling his concerns (mainly because he scares the shit out of us), Pruett could have found a more constructive ad slogan than “Buy them cheap. Bury them deep.” In his defense, Pruett says he isn’t suggesting people buy his guns, shoot people with them and then make sure they’re disposed of properly. Heavens, no. He’s encouraging us to bury the guns after buying them, thereby hiding them from the anti-gun legislators. That must be it. Frankly, we have no idea why anyone would suspect violent intentions from a man who once called for people to arm themselves against Katrina refugees.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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