Terry Crews' Brain Explodes on Him in Old Spice Spot

Brand will hijack other P&G brands in upcoming spots

Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy are debuting a new campaign with the theme "Smell is power," and bringing back spokesman Terry Crews to kick things off. In the 15-second launch spot below, Crews literally experiences the mind-blowing effects of Old Spice body spray, leaving him unable to express himself without subtitles. The campaign introduces the new scent Danger Zone ("the scent of courage") and will include four more "Smell is power" spots. Interestingly, two of them will be co-branded TV ads with Procter & Gamble brands Bounce and Charmin. They will start out as ordinary commercials for Bounce and Charmin, but then Crews will hijack them—to illustrate that Old Spice body spray is so powerful, it can even sell itself in other brands' commercials.