Terminix creates ad with 5,000 live roaches

Headshot of David Griner

Nothing makes a point quite like 5,000 live cockroaches. That's how many vile critters Publicis Dallas wrangled into a squirming display for Terminix earlier this week. The roaches, originally bred as lizard food according to the Dallas Morning News, were led into plastic containers that spelled out E. coli, one of several bacteria carried by such vermin. The display, set up outside Dallas' Mockingbird Station, sounds like quite a logistical nightmare. Not only did the roaches have to be transported in two-liter bottles and coerced into plastic shapes, but they also had to be turned into the shade every 15 minutes to avoid cooking in the Texas sun. Hopefully this one-afternoon exercise was enough for Terminix to illustrate the idea that a house full of roaches is like a house full of skittering poo. Photo credit: David Woo, Dallas Morning News. Hat tip to Stephen Wade.

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