Tempur-Pedic Knows Exactly What Every Sleep-Deprived Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Pull the heartstrings, push the product

Hallmark's "Put Your Heart to Paper" campaign featured interviews with people who didn't know their moms were watching. Now, Tempur-Pedic has hit it big with the opposite—interviews with moms who didn't know their kids were watching, and didn't know they were about to get a very nice surprise.

It's not tied together as simply or as obviously as Hallmark's campaign, but this spot does a reasonable job of pointing out how little moms get to sleep, and showing some very happy moms lolling around on the product.

RPA made the ad, which tries to tell moms, "You're important. Sleep like it." And it's actually based on some pretty interesting research. In a Tempur-Pedic survey of 1,000 moms, 87 percent of them said they're kept up at night by family concerns, finances, jobs and wondering if little Timmy is going to need braces.

In case you were wondering what Mom really wants for Mother's Day, 40 percent of moms said waking up from a good night's sleep and spending a whole day with their families, while another 30 percent said they'd prefer to sleep late and enjoy breakfast in bed.

So, if your mom is having sleepless nights, consider getting her a bed for Mother's Day. It might not be the coolest or most affordable option, but it's still way better than a vacuum.


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