Tecate Sorry for Billboards Encouraging Men to Pee on Trees

Ads taken down in two U.S. cities

Turns out encouraging people to whiz on trees isn't sound marketing policy. Mexican beer brand Tecate found this out recently when it took down billboards in Los Angeles and San Francisco that associated the image of a tree with the Spanish word for "bathroom"—along with the suggestion that life is easier for guys. According to Tecate, the billboards weren't intended for U.S. markets and the whole thing was just a wacky misunderstanding. ("This ad concept was rejected by our U.S. team but unfortunately, an error was made and the ad was mistakenly released and posted," the company said in a statement.) But that doesn't really explain how two of them went up in different cities. Plus, when companies have to fall back on the "We're incompetent" defense, it's because they don't want to admit that their idea tanked. Via The Tens and Consumerist.

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