The teary Comcast TV reunion that wasn’t

This new Comcast commercial from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Biscuit director Aaron Ruell claims to tell the story of "two televisions separated at birth" that meet again later in life. But the TVs keep changing as the spot progresses, so the first two never really meet. Oh, I feel cheated. And if the commercial is implying that the owners of the TVs were separated at birth but hooked up years later, well, that's incest. Which is illegal in all of the blue states and a few of the red ones, too. Oh boy, am I confused. The spot promotes the fact that Comcast and TiVo are now "available in one box." That also sounds dirty, but it's never fully explained. What's worse, I just realized I watched this ad three times. Those are 90 seconds I'll never get back. Not even with TiVo. Which is now available with Comcast, if you hadn't heard.

—Posted by David Gianatasio