Tchotchke for the defense

Scrushy_spatula_1We’ve been handed lots of T-shirts, mousepads and other promotional gee-gaws that now clutter our drawers, but until last week we had never seen what could be called a tchotchke for the defense. Just such a thing was handed out by the defense team in the trial of Richard Scrushy, the former CEO of HealthSouth, who has been charged with directing a massive accounting fraud and is currently on trial in Birmingham, Ala. It’s a spatula (see photo No. 1). And it has a sticker on it that bears the following quote: “No matter how thin you make it, there’s two sides to every pancake” (see photo No. 2). It was the opening line of Scrushy attorney Jim Parkman’s defense of his client.

Scrushy_spatula_sayingThen, as though it were some sort of commemorative, like a Little League trophy, it says beneath, “US vs. Richard Scrushy. February 2005.” Is this PR? Marketing? Or just a spatula with a sticker on it?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor