TBWA releases second brilliant AIDS film

This amazing animated short film, promoting AIDS awareness, rightly earned a gold Lion for TBWA France at Cannes last year. Now, the agency and director Wilfrid Brimo are back with an encore, this time a gay version. Both films have not-safe-for-work scenes, but it’s all pretty dreamlike and cartoony. Plus, it’s hard to imagine you’ll get fired for watching a PSA. The tagline for both films is, “Live long enough to find the right one. AIDS. Protect yourself.” And the music in each (“Baby, Baby” by the Vibrators in the first ad; “Sugar Baby Love” by the Rubbets in the second) is fantastic. Commercials in general, never mind PSAs, don’t get much more soulful or joyful than this. A complete triumph for TBWA. Via ’boards.

—Posted by Tim Nudd