Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Ad Is Pulled Over Bogus Eyelashes

Photoshop strikes again

Of all the blatant and unnecessary Photoshops in fashion photography, the hammer came down on Taylor Swift's eyelashes? Really? Yes, really, according to the National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, which denounced an ad for CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara in which Ms. Swift's eyelashes were digitally, uh, fullened. The agency ruled that the altered image made for a misleading ad, which somehow wasn't the case when L'Oréal gave Beyoncé Knowles what might as well have been a new head. P&G at least had the grace to pull Swift's ad when it got caught, but it's not too slippery a slope between this kind of crap and H&M just building models from scratch.

adfreakdk@gmail.com David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.