Taxi yanks at the heartstrings in OLPC spot

I'd just begun to recover from Taxi's Motrin debacle when the agency's new One Laptop per Child campaign hit me square in the face. This unrepentant tear-jerker morphs into an eye-roller long before 7-year-old Zimi gets through her overwrought tale of woe. "I come from a place you've never heard of. A country you cannot pronounce. A continent you'd rather forget." Twelve seconds in, I thoroughly hated myself. But it gets worse. You see images of shantytowns and poverty, plus a heart-rending promise that a laptop will help change this adorable kid's world through education and self-empowerment. Make it stop! I'm a rich, pampered American, I'm so sorry! The Barbarian Group created this Amazon storefront to facilitate sales. It's a "give one, get one" deal, but Zimi can have both of mine if it makes the guilt go away. I'll even throw in a Zune!

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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