Target Gift Card Converts Into a Small Model Airplane

All the pieces to build a balsa glider

A toy from my childhood, the balsa glider, stages a holiday comeback thanks to Target's intricate Bullseye Flyer gift card, designed by artist Michael Bartalos. The card comes packaged with all the pieces to build your own balsa glider, along with a landing strip and pilot's license. Now, these gliders, as I recall, were about as aerodynamic as frankfurters, and usually sputtered straight to the ground, quickly lost forever through the slats of sewer grates. Still, as I also recall, you could use the tiny wooden pieces to poke out other kids' eyes. And the small fuselages were extremely delicate—swiping one from your snot-nosed younger sibling and snapping it to splinters was a joyous way to make said sibling cry. Plus, they didn't taste half bad. Kind of like airline food. Happy landings, Target! More images after the jump. Via PSFK.