Tanqueray Gets Its Groove Back With R&B Singer Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc, the R&B singer behind the European chart-topper "I Need a Dollar," is getting some dollars from Tanqueray by cutting a new track and video for the brand. Titled "Tonight Downtown," it's the centerpiece of a marketing blitz from Mother New York that includes free downloads of the song and a call-out for fan remixes (of which Blacc will ultimately choose his favorite). The song is a fairly generic homage to going out and cutting loose. Thankfully, the lyrics don't mention the gin itself. But the video does make use of Tanqueray's unique bottle—as a percussion instrument. Surely other revelers around the world have, at one point or another, attempted a similar trick, likely with mixed results. One word of advice: Easy with that stick there, drummer. The stuff's best for drinking.