Taming Viagra’s ‘Wild Thing’

Viagra_wildAdFreak has been reading the Food and Drug Administration’s letter to Pfizer asking the company to pull two of its Viagra TV spots, and boy, it’s a doozy.

The FDA folks admit that the ads “make clear that Viagra is intended for sex.” But then they get all persnickety, complaining that the spots don’t mention that the drug is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Uh, say what? Did we really think it was a treatment for a pair of pesky blue horns sprouting on the sides of our head? The FDA is also annoyed that the commercials leave out some of Viagra’s “major side effects and contraindications.” No big surprise that they wouldn’t like that. But honestly, is there anyone left in America who hasn’t heard of the four-hour erection? Plus, it always seemed to us that mentioning side effects should be a doctor’s job.

In the meantime, we’ll miss the little horns on the “guy who used to be called ‘Wild Thing.’ ”

–Posted by Catharine P. Taylor