Talking turkey

As we are less than 24 hours away from the official start of the holiday season, AdFreak wishes to contemplate the following: Are women more sentimental than men during the holidays, or just more inclined to give socially correct answers to pollsters?

In a survey conducted for the Dole Nutrition Institute, people were asked to cite their favorite aspect of Thanksgiving. Both sexes gave majorities of their votes to “visiting with friends and family,” but women were much more likely than men to pick that answer (75 percent vs. 58 percent). Among the other choices, “turkey” got 9 percent of the vote, “side dishes such as stuffing, mashed potatoes or vegetables” got 5 percent, and “dessert” got 3 percent. Then there were the 7 percent (predominantly men) who picked “football” and the 2 percent who cited “shopping the day after.”

And let us tip our Pilgrim hats to the candid 1 percent who admitted their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the “excuse to indulge.”

—Posted by Mark Dolliver