Talk about Wheat Thins, and they’ll find you

Watch what you say about brands. They've gotten the listening memo, and some are even taking action. Following in the harassing footsteps of Domino's, Wheat Thins is now going after tweeters. The Escape Pod created the video below, showing a Prize-Patrol-type van cruising the streets to find people who've tweeted about the brand. For this exercise, they're only seeking those who've said nice things, like Tabitha Hancock, who tweeted, "AAAHHHH Im outta wheat thins… Mi life is officially over!" That missive earned her a visit from the Crunch Patrol armed with a boatload of Wheat Thins. (Actually, Tabitha's story is more complicated than that. The Wheat Thins post was her very first tweet, which seems shady, and her page looks different in the video than online. But The Escape Pod explains all the discrepancies at length here.) Agency founder Vinny Warren also blogs that the shop found its victims with the help of their Facebook friends. His sensible warning: "Don't trust your loved ones!" Meanwhile, if Wheat Thins gets around to harassing the haters, they may come after us first.