Taking the M&M train

Mm_1M&M’s Candies have finally done what might seem obvious to many New York subway riders—partnered with the MTA in a special promotion that marks the subway’s 100th anniversary with commemorative M&M mixes available at the New York City Transit Museum. Since the logos for each subway line are big, round and colorful, with the number or letter of the specific line in the middle (yes, folks, there’s even a brown M line that runs from Brooklyn Bridge to Middle Village, Queens), it makes a certain kind of sense in these days of highly-customized bags of M&M’s. Adfreak first noticed the promotion while departing the Times Square Shuttle the other day, where some of the round columns had been painted to resemble rolls of M&M’s. While it would have made a more powerful point if the entire sprawling station had been so adorned, it was still a nicely fanciful use of the subway as an advertising medium.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor