Takin’ the advertiser train

We’ve heard this plan floated before … that the MTA is dying to stick an advertiser name on every inch of its vast New York City transit system—but yesterday’s New York Post put some meat on the plan’s skeletal frame. It claimed that two companies—Civic Entertainment Group (whose founders, according to this story, once ran the city’s marketing and special events department under former mayor Rudy Giuliani) and IPG’s Octagon Worldwide—are out shopping everything from Grand Central Terminal to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. (The story suggested Duracell for the latter, but why any corporation would like to associate themselves with fume-choked traffic congestion, we’d like to know). 

Still, a rep for Subway expresses interest in sponsoring the entire system, and the thought of, say, the Q train cars being underwritten by the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy makes our heart race with anticipation of one day having an aesthetically pleasing trip to Coney Island.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor