Take a walk in my $250 shoes

Adidas has received thousands of dollars’ worth of publicity over the launch of its $250 shoe, the Adidas_1, which contains a computer chip. The venerable German brand now seems to have all of its bases covered, adding the computerized 1 to its line of retro/fashion models that are sold under the Adidas Originals label. According to news reports, sensors in the Adidas_1 take more than 1,000 readings per second to adjust cushioning to fit a runner’s weight and speed and the terrain being covered. The shoe’s price is drawing the most attention, but it’s the technology that intriques AdFreak. If the chip could be transferred to work on wingtips and heels, perhaps it could finally put an end to sightings of those dorks in suits and gym shoes. A challenge for the footwear industry—how about a little R&D for the cubicle set?