Microsoft’s Home of the Future

Get your tweets on motion-activated wallpaper

There's no place like Microsoft's "Home of the Future." Yet. It's not an actual house but the company's private lab, where researchers test cutting-edge concepts. This place is every sci-fi geek's dream of techno-suburban bliss circa 2025, with touch-screens galore and nonstop displays of data. Behold motion-activated wallpaper! Gasp as Tweets and Facebook updates dance around the room! Gag at that ugly purple rug! They don't show it, but I assume there's a soda vending machine that sends video messages in the kitchen. The crib's dope—sorry, my street slang is circa 1993—and I can't wait to move in when such homes hit the market. (Where I live now, the toilet overflows whenever I open the fridge, so anything would be an upgrade.) Hey, Microsoft: If I let you paint the company logo across the garage door, can I get a break on the mortgage?

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