Take the AdFreak Thanksgiving Quiz!

Turkey_1Welcome to the First (and, quite likely, Last) Annual Adfreak Thanksgiving Quiz. The answers are available in the Census Bureau’s roundup of oddball facts about Thanksgiving-related commerce (your tax dollars at work!). But don’t peek until you’ve tried to come up with your own answers. If you get them all correct, treat yourself to an extra slice of pie on Thursday.

1. According to preliminary estimates, how many turkeys have been raised this year in the U.S.?
a) 68 million
b) 256 million
c) 439 million
d) 1.3 billion

2. How many pounds of turkey did the average American consume in 2003?
a) 3.4 pounds
b) 5.8 pounds
c) 8.7 pounds
d )13.7 pounds

3. Which state produced the most sweet potatoes last year?
a) California
b) Idaho
c) North Carolina
d) Rhode Island

4. In which of the following foods did the U.S. run a trade deficit during the first half of 2005?
a) cranberries
b) live turkeys
c) sweet potatoes

5. Which state produced the most pumpkins last year?
a) California
b) Hawaii
c) Illinois
d) Pennsylvania

Special Bonus Question: Of the towns with “Turkey” in their names, which is most populous?
a) Turkey, N.C
b) Turkey Creek, La.
c) Turkey, Texas

—Posted by Mark Dolliver