Taiwan Has Fallen in Love With This Doll-Faced ‘Goddess’ Who Works at McDonald’s

The next Alex from Target?

Could this part-time McDonald's worker in Taiwan become the next Alex from Target?

The stunning, porcelain-doll-faced gal, who has earned the unofficial title of "McDonald's Goddess" to go along with her adorable nickname, WeiWei, appears in a series of workplace photos that reportedly have folks rushing to the fast-food joint for a gander at her.

The Taipei City restaurant should be used to this kind of attention by now, since Wei Han Xu and her fellow burger slingers have been dressing as maids, cheerleaders and other cosplay favorites for the last few years. WeiWei, a student and aspiring model who could easily double as an anime character, has seen a jump in her Facebook and Instagram followings—now about 150,000 fans combined—since the snapshots made their way to social media. She's also snagged a few appearances on local variety and talk shows.

But she has yet to reach the lofty heights of Texas teenager Alex, with his 1.9 million Instagram and 750,000 Twitter followers. That poor kid, though, had to hide in the stockroom after his photo, shot surreptitiously and posted on Tumblr, went viral. (His managers at Target said there were too many lovesick girls creating chaos in the place.)

Despite her notoriety, or maybe because of it, WeiWei is still, by all accounts, working the front counter.

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