Taco Bell and Old Spice Mix It Up on Twitter

A spirited debate over sauce, spices and volcanos

[Note: This item has been updated. We initially thought the fight was abandoned early on, but we mistakenly had @ replies turned off.] Everyone loves it when brands mix it up on Twitter. Here's the latest example. It started when Old Spice, unprovoked, asked: "Why is it that 'fire sauce' isn't made with any real fire? Seems like false advertising." Taco Bell, the maker of Fire Sauce, shot back with a palate-cleansing zinger, asking Old Spice: "Is your deodorant made with really old spices?" To which Old Spice replied: "Depends. Do you consider volcanos, tanks and freedom to be spices?" Nicely done by both sides. Now, who will organize the taco-eating contest on the side of the erupting volcano?