T-Mobile Masters Trolling With Its Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game

Here's how to play

There's no love lost in the cutthroat telecom world, as T-Mobile fights what it openly calls the "duopoly" of AT&T and Verizon. But this week, T-Mobile has raised its trolling game by coming up with an amusing drinking game you can play if you listen in to Verizon's earnings call on Thursday morning.

"You may have noticed that T-Mobile doesn't like the traditional earnings call. That's why we Un-carrier-ed them with a live stream and a Twitter Q&A," the brand says. "But we're still forced to listen in to the Duopolist's boring calls, so we needed to find a way to keep it interesting. Since sharing is caring, welcome to Verizon Earnings Call: The Drinking Game."

Check out the rules below. Basically, you drink whenever Verizon says anything jargony, dubious or flat-out untrue. It's signed, "From your drinking buddies at T-Mobile."

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Top photo: Getty Images

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