Attack on T-Mobile Is a Real Drag for Sprint

An attack ad funded by Sprint to oppose AT&T's proposed takeover of T-Mobile, featuring a man in a dress patterned like the T-Mobile spokeswoman's, has been pulled after accusations of transphobia. The ad, which ran Tuesday in some newspapers and on political websites, carried the headline, "It makes sense if you don't think about it," which is a line from T-Mobile's latest campaign. But having a guy wear a dress and suggesting such behavior is only acceptable if you shut off rationale thought, didn't go over so well. Michi Eyre, founder of REC Networks, who is transgender, issued an open letter on the issue. "We are deeply disturbed by an advertisement that was developed and approved in part by organizations including Media Access Project and the Center for Media Justice," Eyre said. "While we do not view this as intentional transphobia on the part of MAP or the other organizations or Sprint, who purchased the advertising space, we feel that the depiction is still inappropriate." Transgender propaganda specialists J. Crew have not commented, but may soon be selling the dress. Full ad, and one of the T-Mobile spots, after the jump.

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