Sydney Art Director Is Called ‘Australia’s Biggest Wanker,’ but Is That Really Fair?

Reddit vs. marketing magazine

Jarryd Zankovic, a senior art director at Play Communications in Sydney, Australia, earned the karmic wrath of Reddit, which seized upon a douchey (though apparently tongue-in-cheek) interview with him in marketing magazine B&T and declared the 28-year-old to be "Australia's biggest wanker."

They made fun of his grooming regimen, his 30-40 pocket squares, his drop-crotch pants, which he says are necessary due to the large size of his wang. They even made fun of the spelling of his name.

The flame war caused B&T to write a rebuttal to the "shocking troll attack," asserting that Zankovic is not Australia's biggest wanker, though giving no other suggestions for who might better wear the crown. B&T even rolled out the hashtag #TeamJarryd, which was hijacked about 30 seconds later by more people who had never heard of Jarryd Zankovic and could give a rat's ass about B&T magazine, but who wanted to make more fun of this stylish young man and his immaculately groomed beard.

I could go on about how online bullying of men is often ignored in the assumption that they can take it, or point out that B&T is surely enjoying all the clicks at Jarryd's expense, or even admit that, in general, advertising creatives dress a bit hipper than the rest of the population. But really, what this comes down to is a total rejection of dandyism in its latest hipster format by a group of people who feel like they're fighting a battle for the very concept of manhood.

And really, I can't argue that it's a bit douchey to whine about needing drop-crotch pants cause you've got a lot going on down under.

Via Mashable.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.