SWM seeks robot for dinner, maybe more

Lord knows I’ve fought it. But after reading about a new book called Love and Sex with Robots by British researcher David Levy, I’ve decided to go with the flow. I’m posting this profile on Match.com immediately.
  I’m a MAN seeking a ROBOT.
  Likes: Silicon/e, charged batteries, intense connections, quick downloads, hard drives, random access, limitless capacity, Heineken draughtkegs.
  Dislikes: Sharp metal claws, laser-beam eyes, desire to kill all humans, mega-hurts, rust.
  Coming off a bad crash with last CPU (no rebooting that relationship), I’m looking to love again, and get some automated help with my personal grooming and housework. Moonlit walks and candlelight dinners are OK. And I’m a good listener; I promise not to disable your speech synthesizer. Are you into master/slave designations? Just clink at me so I’ll know you’re willing to give it a try.
  Also, anyone know if these guys have a dating channel?

—Posted by David Gianatasio