Swine floozy touts White Castle pulled pork

With the backlash against all things swine, it's not a great time for pigs in ads. And it's really not a great time for pigs in White Castle ads. The spot above, by new White Castle agency Zimmerman, advertising the chain's new pulled-pork sandwiches, shows a female pig dancing suggestively on a stage and then pulling a lever that douses her in an explosion of tangy barbecue sauce. The breathy female voiceover then describes the sandwiches as "sweet, saucy, oh so naughty." (In a similar vein, the Web site advises you to "Get your oink on" and "Rock out while you pig out.") Swine flu and stripper hogs aside, this gets back to the whole issue of suicide food—of ads that show animals celebrating the fact that they're about to be cooked and eaten by humans. For some reason, pigs are especially prone to this, whether you're talking Moo and Oink or the Smokin' Stokes pig, who rolls around on burning coals and "does not merely accept his own destruction. He revels in it." The White Castle pig joins this acclaimed crew, and even does that little dance for you first.

—Posted by Tim Nudd