Swedish Lifestyle Is Back to Taunt America in New Wasa Crispbread Ad

Yogi fathers and their spry offspring flaunt generous family leave

An American woman takes a yoga class with Swedish men and their babies.

Sweden is getting its high cheekbones all up in America's grill once again, asserting its Scandinavian superiority with this online spot for Wasa Crispbread.

An American woman in Sweden takes a yoga class and happily discovers that it's filled with hunky, English-speaking dads and their adorably flexible babies. Because in everyone's favorite progressive paradise, family leave for fathers can last a long time … and, apparently, babies are frighteningly good at yoga.

"I wrote the 'Yoga Baby' script after a visit to Sweden when a friend noted that the Swedes seemed to have more male nannies than anywhere else," says Scott Goodson, CEO at StrawberryFrog, which created the campaign. "But they weren't nannies, they were daddies who get six months parental leave for each newborn. That deserved a film!"

Sweden has been flexing its blond muscles in ads lately, with this Wasa campaign following the popular "Like a Swede" initiative from trade-union group TCO earlier this year.

"The naturalness of Swedish life, the fit lifestyle and the Nordic mind-set is very different and fun and in many cases inspiring for American men and women," according to Goodson.

Well, America's pretty cool too. We've got … um … Tim Howard … when he's not playing in the U.K., that is. And we've got other great stuff. Like GM cars and grade-A produce. U-S-A! 

Patriotism notwithstanding, this particular yoga class feels like an exercise in strangeness for its own sake. I guess I shouldn't get all twisted up about it, though.