This Art Director Used Spotify to Build an Audio Version of His Portfolio

How does his work sound to you?

Advertising creatives are always looking for fresh ways to package their portfolios, and one Swedish art director has turned music streaming service Spotify into the latest vehicle for promoting his career.

Stockholm-based Christian Söderholm turned his Spotify artist profile into his personal résumé by posting audio versions of his biography and various case studies as albums, with each divided into about a dozen songs. 

Played through, they become seamless narratives describing past campaigns, with titles offering mini summaries and music playing in the background (including a soothing guitar piece he conveniently wrote and performed himself). 

The gimmick is a little offbeat, especially given the skillset he's marketing is a visual one, and compared to past efforts from other creatives on better-aligned channels like Instagram.

But it also works. The descriptions clearly convey Söderholm's credentials, and there's enough novelty to make it noteworthy. If he hadn't done it, someone else would've, sooner or later.

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