A sweatshirt that offers deep cover

Sweatshirt2_1As falling leaves signal the approach of winter, perhaps you’d like to come in from the cold wearing a “Property of Brewster-Jennings” hooded sweatshirt ($28.99), available in medium, large and double extra-large from Scarebaby Designs. Who or what is Brewster-Jennings? In a splendid example of stealth marketing, Scarebaby explains: “I’d tell you who they were, but then I’d have to whack ya.” Actually, the secret’s already out. Brewster-Jennings and Associates was the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s alleged employer as she tracked nefarious dealings in weapons of mass destruction. Of course, when Plame’s cover was blown, Brewster-Jennings collapsed as well. Interestingly, Brewster Jennings was the name of the president of the former Socony-Vacuum oil company, which evolved into today’s ExxonMobil. The Jennings family and ExxonMobil deny any connection to the CIA ruse. At the White House, meanwhile, lots of people are standing back as special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald sorts out the legal issues involved in Plame’s outing.

—Posted by Richard Williamson