Like swallows to Capistrano, we'll return to Byrd

Here’s just one of the reasons AdFreak likes to shop via telephone: as this article in The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) points out, online shopping is getting to be almost as annoying—if not moreso—than the bricks and mortars experience, what with pushy salespeople infiltrating what used to be silent, passive e-commerce sites.  Don’t get us wrong, though. Thanks in part to the Web, we were able to complete our Christmas shopping by December 5. And it was one of our phone experiences last month that makes us today give a warm and fuzzy AdFreak shout out to the Byrd Cookie Company, which sent a gift basket to our home instead of the intended recipient. But the good folks in Savannah, Ga.-based Byrd showed some real Southern hospitality and first-rate customer service when we called them; they sent another gift basket, gratis, to the intended address. Now that’s what building brands is all about, folks. And that’s why Byrd Cookie Company will get our return business.