Surrender to the guy with the chocolate pud

Life can be strange. I woke up this morning craving a tongue-in-cheek, psycho-sexual spot for rich chocolate dessert. And splat! London ad shop Mother dishes up this little treat for Gü Chocolate Puds. Is "pud" short for "pudding"? Why can't those Brits speak English?! The cinematic, 60-second clip has a delightfully overwrought vibe. Note how the repressed babe drops the doggie leash to the ground at the start. Symbolic! Later, at a gathering that plays like a scene from Twin Peaks, a smarmy smirkmeister asks the inhibited hottie: "Gü you ganache?" She replies, uncertainly, "I … ganache … gü." Then she licks the pud from his spoon and makes an orgasm face. Makes perfect sense to me! Of course, it's all a matter of taste.

—Posted by David Gianatasio