Super Bowl XL, pre-pregame

  4:51 p.m.
  So, it’s getting on for pregame time, and we’re going to give this live blogging thing a whirl. Thanks for joining us. Hopefully you won’t get yelled at by everyone at the party for being an ad-blog nerd. In fact, this might work best if you are currently home by yourself, embittered and drinking alone (with or without Steve). We’ll be your friend!
  I’ll be around for the pregame and the 1st quarter. Cathy Taylor will take over for the 2nd quarter and the halftime show. Then our newest AdFreak co-editor, Deanna Zammit, will take you through the third and fourth quarters. In addition to talking about (some of) the ads, we will be sprinkling in some VNU Research Fun Facts about the Super Bowl along the way, courtesy of an e-mail we got on Friday from our parent company, VNU, that contained a bunch of useful little consumer-y infosnacks about the big game.
  Also, this TypePad software is a bit tricky, so I’m fully expecting some formatting weirdness. If this page becomes more aesthetically offensive as the evening goes on, we’re sorry in advance. We’ll try to fix it later.
  There’s not much to report so far, so we’ll catch you up on what we’ve been posting, Super Bowl wise, over the past few weeks:
  We talked a little about the Super Bowl logo.
  We asked whether the Super Bowl needs more tampon advertising.
  We discussed the mini controversy surrounding the halftime show—the age limit (later ditched) imposed on fans who get to dance on the field while the Stones perform.
  We’ve also been doing daily Super Bowl roundups during the past couple of weeks. You can find those summaries here, here, here, here, here, here and here.
  One more link: Is it beneficial for the advertising if the game itself is a blowout?

—Posted by Tim Nudd