These Super Bowl Ads Recreated in Lego Are Actually More Fun Than the Real Thing

Everything really is awesome

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

Just when we thought we were Super Bowl'd out, we find something that takes the magic of this year's ads and reimages it—IN LEGO!

British animation house A+C Studios is behind the Brick Bowl—a three-minute journey through some of this year's Super Bowl ads, edited together as a story. It took them 36 hours following the final whistle to deliver the video, which it calls "a new take on the world's most expensive advertising space."

Take a look below as some of the most memorable spots (nine to be exact), including Snickers, Toyota, T-Mobile and Bud Light, are transformed into Legos! To prove they weren't cheating, there's even a mini-Katy Perry halftime show.

They left out the Nationwide kid. But that's because everything is awesome.


Director: Dan Richards

Story: Josh Hicks, Dan Richards

Producer: Liu Batchelor

Executive Producers: Robyn Viney, Julian Hirst

Animation Director: James "Jamesy" Harvey

Production Manager: Sim Bhachu

Editor: Stuart Clark

Sound Design: Jareth Turner, Karl Aiden Bourne

Voice: Dave Eric Smith

Additional Voices: Stuart Clark

Storyboard Artists: Dayle Sanders, Josh Hicks

Stop Motion Animators: James Harvey, Barnaby Dixon, Dave Cubitt, Roos Mattaar, Laura Tofarides, Jordan Wood

Model Makers: Jess Linares, Astrid Goldsmith, Tiffany Monk, Becky Smith, Kyle Roberts

Stage Build: Martin Richards

Production Assistants: Bobby Sparks, Chad Mihaylov, Charlie-Evaristo-Boyce

Digital Animation, Visual Effects: Stuart Clark, Dayle Sanders, Oliver David Lister, Kim Dunne, Nat Urwin

Catering: Rory Fletcher

@maskeroni Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.