SunChips Canada has earplugs for loud bag


If you've been following the SunChips compostable-bag saga, you'll know Frito-Lay mostly scotched the environmentally friendly packaging in the U.S. after people said it was too damn loud and crinkly. (One person bizarrely compared the noise to that of a jet airplane.) In Canada, the brand is not caving so quickly. In fact, it's committed to keeping the noisy bag. In the video below, Frito-Lay Canada's sustainability chief explains why—and humorously offers free earplugs on Facebook to anyone whose delicate eardrums can't take the abuse. It's a nice, tongue-in-cheek way to deal with the problem—and something they could have tried in the U.S. Yes, environmental appeals might be an easier sell in Canada, but Americans surely would have respected the company for not backtracking so quickly on a noble idea in the face of a minor consumer annoyance. One thing's for sure. The Canadian wing of the "Sorry But I Can't Hear You Over This SunChips Bag" group on Facebook is going to be pissed. Via Consumerist.