Subway posts viral films … but why?

Pig_toilet1A colleague just forwarded me a URL with six video clips purportedly created for Subway restaurants, and I sat through them so you wouldn’t have to. First, there’s “Bunnylicious,” a Talking Heads-like video featuring, as the name implies, bunnies—or, more accurately, people in creepy bunny suits. (What’s the connection? A new Welsh rarebit sub?) Then there’s a film in which a guy falls in love with a blender (!?) and one in particularly horrible taste: It depicts a woman dressed up in a costume that looks like fire and acting as though she were on fire. People in burn units will crack up at that one. I’ll admit to getting a laugh about the one called “Unsubservient Pig,” (pictured here) even if it’s an annoying example of the ad industry’s fascination with being self-referential, but my amusement stops there. Too bad the site promises a new batch of films every week.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor