Subaru protects you from gimpy hitchhikers

Channeling The Hitcher (the good version from the '80s), this Australian spot by Leo Burnett for the Subaru Liberty GT is more setup than payoff, but it still offers some good dark-night, deserted-road, that-limping-hitchhiker-is-a-maniac fun. I never saw the punch line coming. That's not to say there's an OMG/WTF twist. There are no motorcyclists dropping from the skies. (That only happens in Norway.) Here, we get an effective denouement in keeping with the tone of the ad: The scary drifter gets spooked and won't climb in the car. Did I spoil the ad for you? That's OK. Imagine what will happen to the non-Subaru driver who stops to pick the guy up. Like the tagline says: "Not for the faint of heart."

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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